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DSI Loan Receivable                                      

Many dealerships are realizing excellent profits can be made by carrying the financing from the sale of automobiles.  Dealership Systems' Loan Receivable (Buy Here Pay Here) processing system offers the following:

  • Loan Payments
    • Collect loan payments
    • collect late charges, NSF fees, extention interest, and repair charges
  • Loan Maintenance
    • View loan, payment, personal and insurance information on-screen
    • calculate payoffs and extentions
    • setup/edit welcome and collection letters
  • Follow-up/Collections
    • Work collections on-screen
    • calculate late charges
    • print collection letters
  • Reports
    • Loan Listing
    • Payment Listing
    • Interest Earnings
    • Aging Analysis
    • Payoff Listing
    • Past Due Open Collections
    • and many more
  • Other
    • Coupon Book Printing
    • Search by Payment
    • Search by VIN
    • Revenue Projection
    • Loan Auditor Letters
    • Label Printing

This system also integrates with the DSI Accounting system and the AutoLink™ F&I system.  It can be run as a stand-alone system or can be run over a local area network.



For additional details and pricing information, please call our sales line at (800) 860-3891.