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DSI Accounting                                              

The DSI Accounting system integrates with AutoLink™ F&I and each of our other products.  The system operates in real time thus requiring no end of day process to be run before you can see the results of your posting.  The system is based on the Ford chart of accounts.

This system can be run in a stand-alone environment or on a local area network.  You can print to impact or laser printers.



Modules Included:

  • Ledgers - Where you can go to do Ledger Account Inquiries, Print Summary Trial Balance, Print Detail Trial Balance, Add G/L Accounts, Close Month End, Close Year End, Bank Reconciliation, 13th Month Entries, Historical Ledgers
  • Journals - Where you go to make journal entries or to view items posted to journals from other modules of the program like A/R, A/P, and Payroll.  This is also where you print your journals and are able to view journals from closed months.
  • Schedules - This is where you setup your schedules.  The schedules are numbered similar to R&R or ADP where you can have up to 10 G/L accounts on one schedule.  The schedules can be detail or balance forward.  Schedules are printed from this section and can also be queried from this section.
  • Financials - This is where you create your statement file to print your financial statement in Excel format.  You also have to ability to an setup Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  The printouts for these are also on this menu.
  • Utilities/Other Systems - This menu gives the user access to the A/P, A/R, Payroll, F&I, Parts, and Service modules is they have been purchased.  This is also where the control file setups for vehicle sales, purchases, and the company name file are located.




For additional details and pricing information, please call our sales line at (800) 860-3891.